WISEchat: Web-Integrated, Secure, Enhanced Chat

Chat — instant messaging, audio and video calls — have come to form an integral part of our daily life. Most people use closed systems for these needs, which is acceptable for private use, but fail the privacy requirements for official use in a research or teaching environment. However, this does not have to be the case: WISEchat offers the security, comfort and availability demanded by a modern university based on the open, federated Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocols (XMPP).

This project aims to improve the security and usability of federated chat mechanisms. By virtue of being federated, third parties can participate in the chat, but only the minimum necessary amount of information is exchanged with them and their providers.

At the same time we are researching how to retain as many of the properties of a normal discussion (confidentiality, privacy, ...) in the complicating setting of a group chat.

More information can be found on the research platform and on the project's homepage.