Projects and Final Theses

If you are interested in projects and final theses in your bachelor or master studies, we are there to give you advise and further information. You can contact us anytime via mail or just come and visit us.

Our bachelor and master projects are situated in the context of cutting-edge research projects. Please have a look at the research section for more information about current research projects at the group and do not hesitate to contact us if something sounds interesting to you. Alternatively, you can also come to the kick-off talks at the beginning of each semester; these are also listed in LSF.



[Master] Design and Analysis of a secure multi-party communication protocol

In the past years digital communication became an important aspect in every day life. Everything is shared and discussed in groups of friends, family or business part- ners without a proper way to protect that information. This master thesis introduces the first secure robust multi-party communication protocol which mimics a physical conversation with the help of a Diffie-Hellman key tree and social behaviours. Robust- ness against offline group members is reached by taking advantage of...

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