Distributed Systems

The Distributed Systems Group has disbanded at the end of the 2019/20 winter semester on 2020-03-31. Prof. Dr. Marcel Waldvogel will be continuing to develop new solutions for digital trust in his new role as CTO of Trifence AG. Read more about current activites at netfuture.ch.

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[Master] Feasibility of Mix Networks for Instant Messaging

End to End encryption protects message contents, but communication metadata can (and is) still be used to identify the communicating parties. Mix networks unlink sender and receiver using layered encryption and delaying messages. This thesis analyzes whether the delays introduced can still cover today's low-latency Instant Messaging use cases.

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Discontinuation of GitLab Service at git.uni-konstanz.de on 2020-04-31

Our GitLab Service at git.uni-konstanz.de will be discontinued on 2020-04-31.

Don't Panic. git.uni-konstanz.de will be operated as a normal, production-quality service until at least 2020-04-15, including regular updates and nightly backups. We will try to keep your data available and exportable until 2020-04-30.

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[Master] Ransomware Detection

Ransomware attacks – in contrast to other cyber attacks – must not be detected and especially not blocked or recovered on first sight. This relaxation is supported by the rareness of ransomware attacks. Certainly, the uprising of ransomware families, which are able to circumvent the detection mechanism, integrated into the local machine, prevents the approaches from taking advantage of the relaxation. Justified by the attack isolation, the move to the personal cloud storage is the reasonable way…

Secure and Private Collaboration through DNS

The mDNS-SD Privacy Extension replaces many multicast packets by unicast packets sent to pre-paired devices only, thus not only distributing less privacy-sensitive data in the network, but also reducing the amount of broadcast traffic that uses a considerable amount of resources on modern wireless networks.

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