Traffic / Interest Hiding

Privacy and anonymity in mobile networks.

Treetank: Secure Storage

Treetank stores data securely by applying different layers on the stored data. Flexible handling of flat as well as tree-based data is supported by a native encoding of the tree-structures ongoing with suitable paging supporting integrity and confidentiality to provide throughout security.

TreeTank was created under the group's research focus of Secure Networking and Storage. Get more information here…


A Java Benchmarking Tool (2004-2013)


iSCSI over Ethernet in Java (2004-2013)

Universal Connection Establishment (UCE)

A joint venture with the HTWG Konstanz. UCE is a combination of firewall and NAT traversal techniques that is designed to provide universal IP connectivity with minimal administrative and configuration overhead.

Reliable Routing in Disruption Tolerant Networks

Understand the dynamics of mobile networks so that we can develop a store and forward protocol, that may ensure the delivery of messages in acceptable timely manner.

Operating Systems

  • Memory Optimizations (2000-2001): Optimizations of virtual memory performance when memory is tight or large datasets are used. Resulted in additional functionality in GNU malloc and speed improvements for GNU awk.
  • Crossbow (1996-1999): Toolkit for Integrated Services over Cell Switched IPv6.
  • ENskip (1996): Free implementation of the IPsec-based SKIP protocol for several OS platforms. As ISAKMP/Oaklay (later IKE) was chosen to prevail as the key management for IPsec, the source has not been maintained. Recently, the project web site was also closed. Sun Microsystems still offers a SKIP product and documentation. Even though the product is still called SKIP, it seems to also support non-SKIP IPsec.


  • TERP (2001-2002): Traffic Engineering Reference Platform for the IBM PowerNP.
  • Hardware Packet Processing/FPX (2000-2001): Fast packet processing on FPGAs; transfer of Operating Systems design methodology to hardware packet processing.
  • Forwarding (1996-2001): Fast forwarding and packet classification algorithms.

Distributed Systems

  • P2P (2001-): Efficient, stateless Peer-to-peer data distribution.
  • Fuzzycast (2000-): Achieving scalable and efficient video-on-demand over multicast.
  • Multicast (1999-2001): Scalability for multicast mechanisms and applications; includes our ALMI application-layer multicast mechanism.
  • VersaKey (1997-1999): Versatile key management for large and dynamic groups.
  • Da CaPo++ (1996-1999): Flexible middleware for multimedia communications.

Other Projects

Maintainer of the TIK PGP Keyserver, the swiss contribution to the world-wide PGP Key Server Network. (1996-1999)