Research results too frequently are still created from throw-away, irreproducible experiments. We are working to provide simple ways to reproduce research in two areas:


The SARA project (publications), in cooperation with the University of Ulm, aims to ensure that software used in the preparation, processing, analysis, or visualization of the research process and its results is reliably archived and can be reproduced.  One planned outcome of this project funded by the Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg is to provide an easy-to-use archival platform with incentives for the researchers and their workflows.



Lab manufacturing

One simple, reliable way of achieving reproducible results is when the entire manufacturing process of the laboratory samples is not directed by a human, but based on manufacturing instructions specified by the researcher. The concept of ILTIS Remote Laboratories eV matches these goals perfectly, while at the same time reducing the dependence on having to buy expensive manufacturing equipment locally.