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PACMAN: Privacy and Anonymity in Communication, Mobile, and Ad-hoc Networks

In the presence of ever increasing volumes of traffic, legal threats by copyright holders, and QoS demands of customers, network service providers are urged to apply traffic classification and shaping techniques. Such actions violate the End-to-End and Net Neutrality principles and thus threaten freedom of speech and the foundations of democracy.

In this project we strive to enhance privacy and anonymity in communication networks. We show that the user vs ISP war consumes vast amounts of…

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High Speed Router Functions

Routers in todays networks perform many difficult tasks of which the actual routing is merely one. Especially in high-speed networks IPv6 routing and traffic classification are still major problems. This project aims at improving the performance of various router functions under the harsh conditions of high-speed and backbone networks. It has been conducted in cooperation with and partially funded by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.